Have you ever had a series of events happen and wonder if the universe is trying to tell you something?  How many of us just keep going along the same path that is in front of us?  We never veer off the trail because we think that path or trail is safe.  In reality, staying on the same course doesn’t allow new opportunities to be discovered or new ways to handle situations and we stay stuck in the same old rut.

I believe that most people follow the path that they think will get them where they want to be, sometimes for years and years, and then one day they look around and realize that nothing has changed or things have changed and it’s not for the better.  This can happen in your work life, with family relationships, friends or even something as mundane as driving through the drive-thru every morning and ordering the same cup of coffee.  We all think we know the right way and some of us will go so far as to seek advice from someone, read a book on the subject and vow to put the things they’ve learned into practice, but most times we don’t.  We think the ideas that we’ve read or heard are great and we know that if we put them into practice it will move us to the next level but we just don’t.  We’re too stuck in the familiar to get out of our own way and improve our situation.

My personal path lately has been assuming what other people want and expect from me and then trying to do what I assume they want. Truth be told, I’m not doing a very good job of it.  I grew up in a family where we were encouraged to ask for what we wanted.  Sometimes the answer was yes and sometimes no but we never had to wonder why someone didn’t get what we wanted, we knew because we were direct and asked for it.  I’m definitely not a mind reader, that has been clearly established but should I have to be?  I know it’s not in everyone to ask for things but imagine a world where you just asked and said it out loud and whatever the answer is you just moved on from there?  The fear of hearing NO and feeling rejected keeps us from asking but not asking comes with a whole other set of feelings of rejection that aren’t really warranted.

I’m going to focus on work here for a minute.  I love being a Realtor. I love meeting new people and seeing the excitement of buying a new home through their eyes.  I love being able to help facilitate an easy transaction, even when there are speed bumps, I love getting the buyers or sellers over that and through the process with the least amount of stress for them.  When I moved to FL five years ago it was a big step out of my comfort zone.  I was so lucky that I moved somewhere that I had great neighbors and I made friends with some amazing people.  Not long after I decided to get into Real Estate.  I didn’t just jump in blind, I had great support and help from The Pierce Team and even more support when our team moved to Watson Realty Corp.  It’s all been very safe and steady for the last few years and I’m thankful for that but now it’s time to jumpstart my business and really kick it up a notch.  This brings me back to veering off the path.  It’s time to stop second guessing myself and take a leap, a leap of faith to get out and meet more people, share what I know and listen to others and what they can teach me.  Tonight I’m attending an event that will put me in front of people that can recommend me to their friends and colleagues.  Instead of the dread thinking “What am I going to wear?  Ugh, I’m going to have to put on my big girl heels and socialize instead of watching Netflix tonight.”  I’m going to embrace this opportunity.  Let’s face it, sometimes we’d all like to get comfy and binge watch our favorite show but tonight I’m actually excited for this event.  On the surface this is a small step, but for me, the universe is telling me that changes need to be made in a lot of areas in my life, so this small thing is actually huge in the whole scheme of things. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

If like me you’re ready to change it up, remember that slow and steady wins the race.  Small but important changes can be made and once you’ve done that and see how much better you feel you’ll want to make more.  My first baby step was to get up in the morning and do 20-30 minutes of yoga every day.  Have I done it?  Well, I’ve managed to do maybe 4 out of 7 days a week, not at my goal yet but I’m working on it and feeling good about the progress I’ve made. My work goals are starting to roll and I’m enjoying the changes.  My personal path will take a little more work as there are many moving parts, but in the long run, I know that the changes I make now will not only benefit me but all the people around me in one small way or another.

A wise Mermaid once told me……

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Cindy Duane

Fueled first by a Disney addiction that brought her to Central Florida, and then further inspired by her first visit to Mount Dora, Cindy Duane and her husband Mike were compelled to migrate with their two pups and daughter Kelsey, from her West Haven, Connecticut home to the quaint Florida town that so reminded her of her New England roots. Once officially a local, it took no time for her to experience a calling to help others find their new home in Florida’s Golden Triangle. Little did she realize how many New England family and friends would visit, some to eventually relocate to the area. Cindy brings her years of customer service and sales experience with her to The Pierce Team at Watson Realty Corp./Mount Dora. Cindy Duane and her husband, family, and friends love boating the Harris Chain of Lakes, volunteering in Mount Dora’s renowned festivals, and enjoying the area’s many live music events. Her love of the authentic charm of Mount Dora, Tavares, and Eustis and for the wonders of Central Florida are evidenced by Cindy Duane’s enthusiasm to help you find your new home.