One of the things I love about working with Watson Realty Corp. Mount Dora is the way they give back to the community.  It’s not always a huge grand gesture but things like hearing about a family in need after a fire and the next day the office is filled with donations, or our Angel Tree at Christmas that made so many kids happy at Christmas that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten anything.

Today we had Irene O’Malley in to speak at our weekly business meeting.  Irene is the Executive Director of Lake Cares Food Pantry which is located in Mount Dora.  Irene spoke about all the people they serve and how they impact the lives of those in our community that really need our help.  Did you know there are approximately 2600 homeless kids in Lake County?  You probably don’t know because that is not the official number that is reported.  There are a lot of reasons not to report but one is that the kids don’t want the stigma of being homeless, they’re already struggling with so much that to have that known would make their lives even harder.

Seniors make up a big part of who comes into the Food Pantry.  Sadly, sometimes it’s the only contact they have with other people.  The volunteers at the Food Pantry get to know them and ask questions when they see them to make sure they’re okay and getting exactly what they need.  Lake Cares also supplies dog and cat food.  Seniors especially use this service as their pets might be their only companions.  They will feed the pets before themselves!

If you’re like me and live locally you probably drive by Lake Cares Food Pantry at 2001 W. Old Hwy 441 Mount Dora at least a few times a week.  I see the building and it registers….but do I do enough?  I give when I hear about fund-raisers or if I see a Facebook page that is helping to collect but is that enough?

Watson Realty Corp. Mount Dora is a 7-day-a-week drop-off point for donations to  Lake Cares Food Pantry  We’ve always partnered with them but we intend to do more.  If you have donations you’d like to make and can’t get out to take them to Lake Cares, call us,  WE WILL COME TO YOU!  All you have to do is call our Watson office at 352-536-6530 or contact me, Cindy Duane personally and we’ll schedule someone to come pick up your donation and get it to Lake Cares Food Pantry for you.

In 2017 Lake Cares served 16% more families than they did in 2016.  They need our help to continue the great work they do.  Next year in 2019 will be their 10-year anniversary.  They would rather not be in business at all, they’d love if everyone had the resources needed to not ever be hungry again, but as long as there is the need and we the community continue to pitch in and support them they’ll continue to provide this valuable service.

Lake Cares Food Pantry is having a fund-raiser on February 8th in Wooton Park, Tavares.  “Empty Bowls” Will take place from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm. Click here for event information.

Thank you in advance for your support!  Please remember that in addition to food they are also in need of personal care items.  Do you have a bin full of those little hotel size shampoos and soaps that you never use?  Lake Cares would love them!  Lake Cares Food Pantry also takes monetary donations, click here to make one today.

Cindy Duane

Fueled first by a Disney addiction that brought her to Central Florida, and then further inspired by her first visit to Mount Dora, Cindy Duane and her husband Mike were compelled to migrate with their two pups and daughter Kelsey, from her West Haven, Connecticut home to the quaint Florida town that so reminded her of her New England roots. Once officially a local, it took no time for her to experience a calling to help others find their new home in Florida’s Golden Triangle. Little did she realize how many New England family and friends would visit, some to eventually relocate to the area. Cindy brings her years of customer service and sales experience with her to The Pierce Team at Watson Realty Corp./Mount Dora. Cindy Duane and her husband, family, and friends love boating the Harris Chain of Lakes, volunteering in Mount Dora’s renowned festivals, and enjoying the area’s many live music events. Her love of the authentic charm of Mount Dora, Tavares, and Eustis and for the wonders of Central Florida are evidenced by Cindy Duane’s enthusiasm to help you find your new home.